Back-to-Work and Relaunching a Career

“Lisa is intelligent, creative and committed career coach. She is warm and professional and interested in my personal growth as well as my professional advancement. Lisa’s career advice is practical and encouraging.”
— Client in Tampa, FL

Working at home and in the community matters.

Have you devoted the last several years raising a family or caring for a loved one?  Are you preparing to get back to your profession or explore a new one? If so, I can help you transition back to the workplace armed with newly found confidence and well thought-out strategies.

Taking time off to raise children, care for elderly parents or to earn an advanced degree is a rapidly growing trend. Time off for such a hiatus ranges from one summer to decades. Whatever your situation may be, it’s prudent to plan your best strategy for re-entering the workforce.

There are myriad options to consider: Full time? Part-time? Family friendly? Commuting? Telecommuting? Job sharing? Independent contractor status? Special projects? Work from home programs?

As a former HR professional, career coach and  HR consultant, I am familiar with employment options for working parents who want to consider all their options while raising a family or coordinating care for precious loved ones.  Together, we can devise career and employment strategies that will allow you to maintain a healthy balance in your professional and personal lives.

One Time Career Consultation:

(Phone, Skype or Personal Office Visit)

Straightforward career advice. Your agenda and your questions. Session includes a pre-session questionnaire completed in advance. (100% of invested fee is applicable to all other programs.)

30 minutes: $150

50 minutes: $300

90 minutes: $550

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Designs and Revisions – $500

I create and revise resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  My approach is from the perspective of a hiring manager.  What will attract the hiring manager’s attention and stand-out? How does your experience relate to the job opportunity? How do you add value?

Career Decision and Relaunching Program for Divorcing Spouses $5,500

Designed for individuals in the process of  divorce seeking comprehensive career and vocational exploration. The process begins with administering my career questionnaire and assessments to inventory knowledge, skills, strengths, and behavior traits. Next, we explore viable career options. Later in the process, we address specific issues such as advice about learning institutions, applications, resume design, interviews, and networking. We conclude with a general timeline and career action plan. This plan includes a career report shared with the collaborative law team. Fee is $3,500 if a vocational report is not requested.

 TIMELINE: Total of ten hours: Four 2-hour career sessions at weekly or monthly intervals and two hours of pre-work such as strength and personality assessments.

  GENERAL PROGRAM OUTLINE – Varies according to individual needs

  1. DISCOVER: Identify and validate strengths through assessments; how strengths define you and can be indicators of career possibilities
  1. EXPLORE: Researching and investigating viable career options based on matching values, interests, personality, strengths and skills
  1. DESIGN: Creating an action plan for your best career options. This is a vocational assessment and written career plan.
  1. DO: Accomplishing practical “To Do” items items such as: resume design and revisions, LinkedIn profile refinement, and interviewing skills coaching and preparation