College Students and Younger Professionals















Is this you?

  • My twenties are here and I am not sure where I’m headed.
  • I need to sort out some career issues and questions.
  • I want to discover what’s unique about me and explore realistic career options.
  • I am ready to put myself out there and find my way but I need some strategies.
  • I need to be held accountable for the effort I am making to find a job.
  • I am not sure what’s special about me and if that really matters.
  • How do I get started on getting a job that will launch my career?

A thorough and practical approach to career decision making

Many college students are uncertain about who they are, what they’re good at, how they operate and what they want to do with their lives. It takes time and reflection to figure this out. It takes self-awareness and self-regulation too. Others know exactly what they want but will benefit greatly from discussing their career aspirations with an objective and supportive confidant. My career decision program is designed to help all college students gain a better understanding of who they are and how they operate in the world.  We take time to account for what I call VIPPSS: Values, Interests, Personality, Passions, Strengths, and Skills. In the end, students come away with greater self-knowledge, better self-regulation habits and a better idea of their best career paths. I cover a checklist of practical information and action items in a comprehensive, 10 hour program (divided into 4 sessions) called Career Decisions. (Fee $3,000)

  • Identifying who you are and how you operate
  • Accounting for your VIPPSS: values, interests, personality, passions, strengths and skills
  • Locating the intersection of  ideal career or dream job and today’s job market
  • How to make the campus career office work for you
  • When, how and where to get internships
  • Designing a resume and LinkedIn profile that markets your strengths
  • Interview preparation and interview tips
  • Genuine networking and mentoring connections

Twenty-something and thirty-something  career changers

Careers of the 21st century are not linear. It’s not uncommon to change your career path. As a both a career coach and consultant, I specialize in helping adults explore viable career options.