Best Applicants Don’t Always Get Offers

Published on September 23, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Why the Best Qualified Applicants Don’t Always Get Job Offers

Ever have a hunch that you were the probably the most qualified candidate for a position opening, yet you didn’t get the job offer or promotion?

It’s not always the person with the best credentials who gets the job offer. Many factors weigh in the decision making process: credentials, experience, ability to hit-the-ground-running, technical skills, personality, politics and more… It’s possible that the candidate with the job offer in hand was simply better at describing how their skills, knowledge and traits will add value to the organization. She might have demonstrated more clearly how her personality traits “fit like a glove”, are ideal for the job and add value to the team and organization.

From Sanskrit to Twitter comes the well worn mantra:

“know thyself”.

What are you waiting for?  Be the subject matter of yourself. Master your brand. Differentiate yourself. Discover your strengths. Can you describe yourself in a way that is meaningful to employers? If not, perhaps it’s time to take an inventory. The Internet is full of self-assessments. In my opinion, the best assessments are:

Myers-Brigs Personality Type

VIA Character Strengths and Virtues


Any or all of these assessments will help you take inventory of your strengths and develop an extensive vocabulary for defining and differentiating yourself from others.

This post was written by Lisa Jacobson

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