Keep Calm and Sparkle On!

Published on February 18, 2014 at 3:20 pm


Keep Calm

I am proud to publish  job and career decision tips from one of my star clients: Christine Acosta of Tampa, Florida. Why is she special? Because Christine stays the course  with her organization and resolve and… she adds a little spunk and sparkle along the way. – Best, Lisa 

Check out Christine Acosta’s tips. 

Give it up for Christine Acosta!



1. Get organized and structure your days.  I do best with 15-60 minute (max) blocks of time

➢ Use calendars

➢ Set timers

➢ Block set times for actions items

2. Chronicle/journal your efforts and actions.
➢ You’ll have a history of this difficult but special time
➢ It’s nice to have tangible evidence at the end of the day that you made progress
➢ You’ll benefit from a sense of accomplishment, traction
➢ It helps ensure you’re not forgetting to follow up

3. Block time to plan & create.
➢ Your target lists of companies/organizations/people
➢ Who you want to talk to
➢ Follow up items
➢ Thank you notes

4. Study yourself; read and reread your StrengthFinder results. Don’t you just LOVE your Strengths?
➢ Encore workshop materials
➢ Underline and highlight your personal buzz words

5. Get to work! Set up your surroundings to foster creativity and minimize distractions.
➢ Play your favorite calming music
➢ My favorite music is two Pandora stations I’ve created: George Winston & Yoga music

6. Get out of the house!
➢ Set “business meetings” up in your calendar for yourself
➢ Go where there is Wi-Fi and quiet, despite being in the company of others.
➢ This may be Starbucks, Oxford Exchange, a paid business club, or a hotel lobby

7. Stay healthy!
➢ Make sure you’re eating your favorite healthy foods
➢ Do not reward yourself for work well done with food, chose a healthy reward instead

8. Schedule breaks and spread your sparkle!
➢ Enjoy fresh air and sunshine on your breaks if possible
➢ Stretch, dance
➢ Call loved ones
➢ Check FB

9. Push yourself. Come on…you can do it!
➢ If you’re a bit shy, or lacking confidence, practice introducing yourself out loud
➢ If you don’t speak up and endorse yourself, who will?
➢ Identify and practice a couple of stories that illustrate times you’ve shined, led, made meaningful contributions, thought creatively, built, started or conceived of something great

10. Develop and constantly update your action items. 
➢ Set deadlines for each action

11. Go for it! Ask for “Informational Interviews”

➢ These are for gathering information/advice only
➢ People appreciate having 2-3 questions in advance, these should be general
➢ Your “job” is to listen
➢ Be mindful of the discussion flow, your interviewee should speak 80% to your 20%
➢ Don’t over stay your welcome, verify at the outset how much time has been allotted
➢ End each discussion with a question: “Who else do you think I should get advice from?”
➢ Send a brief email of thanks

Sample request for informational interview: “I’m in the process of changing/considering changes, professionally, and would appreciate a little of your time to get your insights/advice/wisdom/vision about the state of the industry/business developments/forecast/observations.”

Finally, keep calm and sparkle on! A winner never quits and a quitter never wins!


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