Positve Accounting 101

Published on October 22, 2014 at 1:12 pm

Research findings indicate that practicing gratitude for the good things that happen has a positive impact on our level of happiness. The energy we invest in cultivating positive relationships and events yields a healthy return on our investment. This practice is effective at home and in the workplace.

Think of it as mental hygiene. Take a daily inventory of the good stuff that happens. Better yet, share “Three Good Things” with someone you work with or care about. You’ll get a bonus, the vicarious joy of exchanging and savoring the good stuff that happens in life with someone else.

PS: My husband and I have been taking a daily inventory of the good stuff that happens since I first read the research findings in 2006. It is often the high point of our day. Several of my executive coaching clients apply this practice at weekly team meetings and report that it amplifies the level of positivity.

Some recent examples in my life:

Today I…

  • met a new neighbor who hires Accountants for the State of Florida. I can refer clients and friends to her.
  • took the time to prepare and savor a giant pot of homemade chili.
  • treated my vegetarian intern to a new lunch spot called “Fruitwood”. They make a delicious chopped Kale salad. She enjoyed herself and was grateful for my thoughtfulness.

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