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Published on July 23, 2013 at 4:45 pm

If you’re curious about my Career Consulting Programs. You can visit my website at

Here’s a summary of how I differentiate myself from other coaches and consultants:

My “Career Decisions and Directions” program is rooted in a method known as Appreciative Inquiry: a questioning and decision making process that explores 4 areas:  DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN, and DELIVER.

With both college students and second career clients in mind, my method is  thoughtful, thorough and comprehensive. It is ideal for individuals who value making  career and employment decisions methodical manner.

What happens next?

1. I send clients my online questionnaire and an assortment of assessments that identify    values, interests, personality and strengths.

2. We schedule three two-hour personal or Skype sessions: (usually a week or two apart)

Session I – DISCOVERY is dedicated to discovering and validating of their talent, strengths, knowledge, skills and abilities. The questions reveal strengths and identify possibilities.

Session II – DREAM and DESIGN covers exploring career possibilities based on who they are, what they’re good at and what is personally meaningful. In this stage I ask, “What’s possible”? “What’s the best way to design this path”?

Session III – DELIVER focuses on practical questions and answers such as: Where are my employment possibilities? What’s my best resume design? How do I network effectively? What’s a genuine professional pitch? Ho do I distinguish myself from others? What value to I bring to the job market?

3. When all our sessions are completed and decisions are made or options defined, I encourage clients to continue reaching out to me for ongoing advice and support.

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