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Career Decisions: $3000

This is my most comprehensive program.  It is ideal for individuals who want to thoughtfully sort through their best career options. It applies to a vast array of careers options from launching your first professional job, to changing careers. It is customized to meet your individual goals and aspirations.

Career Decisions Program –Ten hours of career sessions, scheduled in weekly or monthly segments of 2-hours. Several personality, strength, interest, and career assessments from a certified practitioner


Decision Making

  • Relevant factors that go into career decisions: Values, Interests,Priorities, Strengths
  • Managing  your career decision or transition


  • Formatting a LinkedIn Profile that attracts recruiters and potential employers
  • Being able to describe what is special about you and how you standout
  • Building genuine confidence by knowing yourself, what you’re good at and how you add value
  • Describing your skills, knowledge and abilities in ways relevant to employers
  • Asking for and conducting information interviews
  • Crafting your professional pitch


  • Paying attention to what is possible
  • Conducting a market analysis of your best career and job options
  • Increasing  your chances of getting noticed

Getting the Attention of Interviewers

  • Designing, revising and editing your resume or CV that will likely be read
  • Preparing for telephone and personal interviews
  • Understanding how internal and external job postings work
  • The 15% who get job interviews by pressing the “Apply” button
  • Why 80% of job openings are not posted on job boards and how to find out about them
  • How much your LinkedIn photo and headline matters
  • Decoding job descriptions – The 80% rule


  • Building genuine relationships
  • Networking online and in person
  • Benefits of loose ties and friends of friends

Interview Boot Camp: Be Your Best When it Matters Most

Five hours of intensive interview preparation – $1800

(1 hour involves pre-assessments)

Advice and candid coaching feedback from an HR professional who has sorted through thousands of resumes and recruited, interviewed, and hired hundreds of employees. Gain insight and self-awareness about how you come across; What others might be thinking when they first meet you; Objective observations about what to build on and what to eliminate.

Professional Branding – Telling others who you are, what differentiates you, and how you add value.   

Interviewing Insights – A hiring manager’s perspective… Insights about what the hiring manager is thinking from the moment you walk in the door.  

Interviewing 101: The first five minutes are your last five minutes to make a positive first impression.

Interviewing Etiquette: “Do’s and Don’ts”   

Non-verbal Communication Skills: How and why posture, proximity, and eye contact matter.

Best Practices: Strategies for the night before, one-hour before, beginning, middle, ending, and post interview.   


 ONE TIME Career Consultation: (Phone, Skype, FaceTime or Personal Office Visit)

Straightforward career advice. Your agenda, your questions. Session includes a pre-session questionnaire completed in advance. (100% of invested fee is applicable to all other programs.)

 60-minute consultation: $300

 120-minute consultation: $600


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