Second Careers and Career Pivoting

“As a mid-life career changer, I needed thorough, knowledgeable and positive professional help from a career coach. Lisa helped me find the perfect “Encore career” using my past experience and putting it to an exciting new purpose. I’m thrilled with my future and owe it all to her patience and wisdom!” – Client in Tampa, FL

“Lisa, I can’t express how much the short time we ‘zoomed’ changed things for me. You inspired me to redirect my approaches and gave me vital perspective in a confusing time. Please know that you are special and very much appreciated” – Randolph Carter, North Carolina

Thinking about a second career or thinking about pivoting your career after several years?

As a second career seeker you might be ripe for change. Be it burn-out, stress, or a yearning for more meaning and purpose,  you might find yourself at a crossroads, in need of a new direction. I can help you thoughtfully explore your options and perhaps realize a lifetime dream or passion. My career coaching methodology instills genuine confidence based on your unique strengths and talents from life experiences.

Don’t retire, ReFIRE !

Are you nearing retirement? Already retired? Looking for more meaning and purpose?  Need a change of environment, pace, or lifestyle? Encore Career opportunities are among the fastest and most exciting careers trends. And it’s not about stuffing envelopes! Encore Careers are about making meaningful contributions to organizations and the community. I specialize in helping Encore Career seekers envision possibilities, and give voice to their passions, strengths and affinities. If you fit this description, I can help. I am connected to the national Encore Career movement and can help you explore how your Encore Career years can add more meaning and purpose to your life while making a positive difference in the lives of others. Let’s talk about it.

Telephone and Video Consultations:

Straightforward career advice. Your agenda. Your questions. This session includes a pre-session questionnaire completed in advance. (100% of invested fee is applicable to all other programs.)

Retirement is not the end of the road,
it is the beginning of the open highway.