Interview Skills and Confidence Building


Virtual and Zoom Interview Preparation

Preparation builds confidence. Come away with earned confidence and a competitive edge.

When you finally get a video or personal interview, the job is yours to lose.  I share expertise gathered from more than 20-years of recruiting and hiring hundreds of individuals for Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Florida Progress, and Verizon.

I offer insights from the perspective of the person who has made hundreds of hiring and firing decisions. Currently, as an executive coach at,  I work with decision-makers throughout the country. This exposure gives me continued insight and knowledge about selection and retention processes.

Analysis of Your:

  • First impression
  • Zoom background
  • Video presence
  • Non-verbal communication: facial expressions, posture, and eye movement
  • Attire
  • Answer structure, content, and length
  • Résumé or CV design
  • LinkedIn Profile

How to:

  • How to genuinely describe your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to answer the question: “Tell me a little about yourself”
  • How to prepare for telephone and Skype interviews
  • How to connect and establish rapport with the interviewer
  • How to feel comfortable about not being perfect
  • How to connect to the interviewer if you are deeply introverted
  • How and when to tamp it down if  you are extraverted
  • How to “Pace, Pause, and Punctuate”
  • How to project positive cadence, voice tones, and non-verbal signals

Interview Methodologies

  • Types of interview methodologies to expect
  • Mastering the behavioral interview

Positive Priming for the Best Version of  Yourself

  • Positive priming methods for the days before your interview
  • Methods that effectively lower anxiety immediately before your interview
  • High-performance priming that helps you relax, think clearly, and communicate with confidence

A Strong Ending

  • Leaving the door open for future opportunities
  • A checklist of everything you need to do to be the most prepared candidate

Fee: $300 an hour